Scalable Cloud Blockchain

Kepler Chain is a plug a play blockchain solution that allows your company to deploy your own private / public blockchain with one click. Kepler Chain has the following advantages when compared to other solutions:

  • High throughput (1500+ TPS)
  • Zero transaction fees
  • 0.5 transaction time
  • Highly scalable (supports 1000+ nodes)
Settlement system
High throughput and zero transaction fees make settlement fast and cheap
Source tracking system
Store the data on an immutable distributed database
Smart loyalty point
With blockchain technology, your loyalty points can be more than just points

Crypto Wallet and API

Empower your business with crypto currency

Kepler wallet and API allows developers to easily integrate crypto payments into their applications. With our technology, you can send, receive and even create your own crypto currency with just an API call. With our wallet solution, your users can manage their crypto in the easiest and the most secure way possible.

Smart Contract Development

Building blockchain business applications

Kepler Lab is always focused on building real business on blockchain. With our help, you can build a blockchain source tracking system, decentralized gaming, payment and settlement systems, tokenization platforms, or anything that fits your business needs.

Cloud Solution

Plug and play, low setup cost

Highly Customisable

Solutions that fit your business

White Label

White label options are available