The API to Build Blockchain Applications

  • Offer wallets to your users
  • Send and monitor transactions
  • Build on a safe infrastructure

How Kepler API Works

Kepler API provides you the tools you need to build applications on top of Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain. Focus on your application, not the infrastructure.

Your Applications

Build your application without spending time on the infrastructure.

Kepler Blockchain APIs

Connect to the Kepler APIs and get easy access to the Blockchain.

Blockchain Protocols

Benefit from the top protocols without the setup and maintenance cost.

What We Offers

Wallet API

Embed user wallets in your application

                           ✔  Users hold the funds

                           ✔  Simplified key management

                           ✔  Support BTC, ETH and ERC-20

                           ✔  User-friendly recovery

                           ✔  Fully audited solution

                           ✔  Multi-sig transaction

Data API

Monitor blockchain transactions in real time

                           ✔  Live transaction data

                           ✔  Real-time notifications

                           ✔  Support BTC, ETH and ERC-20

                           ✔  Automatically calculated fees

                           ✔  Webhooks

                           ✔  Check historical data

What You Can Build

Wallet Service

You have an existing platform and would like to offer wallets to your users? Benefit from our highly customizable API and build an excellent user experience on top.


A trading platform for multiple tokens inherits the challenge of trade execution, settlement, and storage relying on a specific blockchain state. With our API, you get all of it out-of-the-box

Decentralized apps

Decentralized apps come with the promise of self-sovereign user fund management. We provide a toolkit for delivering a high-quality UX.

Tokenization Platforms

Security and utility token platforms face the responsibility of storing high-value assets on the blockchain. Provide your users with a reliable, secure and convenient wallet solution.

Be Creative

The extent of possible applications for our APIs is limitless. Surprise us with your idea! We always have an open ear for innovators

Build With Kepler


The wallets are end-end encrypted and do not allow space for fraudulent activities

Manual Intervention

The nodes are extremely trustworthy and can be manually fixed or modified

Save Troubles

Save resources on blockchain infrastructure setup and maintenance

Reduce Costs

Reduce custodian and settlement costs

24/7 Support

Dedicated support via Slack channel and more.

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